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FAMCO launches ?safer? Volvo trucks in UAE

The Safety Edition of Volvo FH Truck was unveiled in Dubai. (Image source: Volvo Trucks)

Al-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Company (FAMCO) announced the launch of the Volvo Trucks advanced safety features in the UAE 

The introduction of the advanced safety features is in line with the UAE Vision 2021 to work towards providing a sustainable future and Volvo Trucks? commitment to match customer needs.

?We are extremely pleased to launch Volvo Trucks safety features in the UAE,? said Vladimir Knezevic, managing director of FAMCO UAE. ?The Safety Edition Volvo FH truck with safety features was built with one thing in mind: The driver. The truck contains numerous world?s first innovations which will assist in safe driving, fast loading and fatigue reduction, thus increases productivity.? 

The Safety Edition Volvo FH truck comes with the following features ?

? Headway Support System: Reduces risk of accidents and collisions. The system alerts the driver at the risk of collision with the vehicle ahead. The warning consists of red LED lights reflected on the windscreen and an acoustic signal from the speakers. If the risk of collision is imminent, the vehicle brakes will be applied automatically. The function is activated each time the vehicle is started and is available at speeds above 15 km/h. It can be switched off and on with a button in the dashboard. The system uses both the radar and a camera to collect information.

? Lane Change Support: Blind spots, particularly on a truck?s passenger side, can make lane changing difficult and dangerous. Volvo Trucks Lane Change Support is a radar system designed to aid drivers and prevent accidents. It is activated whenever the driver uses turn signals, and a warning alerts the driver if an obstruction is detected on the truck's side.

? Electronic Stability Program (ESP): The programme reduces the risk of skidding and rolling over. The control unit continuously receives information from a variety of sensors on the trucks and makes a new evaluation of the driving situation several times per second. If the system detects that the truck is starting to lurch or behave abnormally, the ESP reduces engine torque or activates the brakes individually in order to reduce speed and straighten the vehicle.

? Lane Keeping Support: Staying focussed and within lane can be difficult during long-haul transportation, which is why Volvo Trucks has developed Lane Keeping Support. Operational at speeds over 60 km/h, the system monitors the truck?s position on the road. When it detects the truck drifting or swaying outside of its lane, a warning alerts the driver so that they can resume control.

? Driver Alert Support: An extension of Volvo?s Lane Keeping Support, the Driver Alert Support monitors driver behaviour and steering wheel movements. If the truck begins to sway or drift, a warning system alerts the driver and suggests taking a break if the behaviour continues. 

? Tyre Pressure Monitoring: Makes it possible for the driver to supervise the tyre pressure through the driver information display. A correct tyre pressure gives an optimal use of the tyre and leads to increased lifetime and decreased fuel consumption. From a safety point of view, a controlled tyre pressure results in detection of leakage and preventing blowouts. 

? Volvo Dynamic Steering: Reduces steering force up to 85 per cent. It obtains a predetermined steering feel, independent of load and tires, and contributes to a more relaxed driving through improved directional stability.  

? Airbag: Mounted in the steering wheel?s centre module and will be released in case of a head-on collision with a heavy or solid object.

Commenting on the Volvo Trucks advanced safety features, Jan-Erik Thoren, managing director of Volvo Trucks Middle East, said, ?Our engineers are responsible for some of the world?s most important safety innovations and we have continued on this tradition with the launch of this safety edition in the UAE.?