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Dow Construction Chemicals to launch new roof cooling technology in UAE

The new material will help preserve buildings and improve their energy efficiency as well. (Image source: Pablo Margari/Flickr)

Dow Construction Chemicals has announced that it will launch a new cooling acrylic polymer, which is a critical component in cool reflective roof coating solutions (CRCC)

This material, which will be manufactured at Dow Construction Chemicals? production facility at Jebel Ali, is specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions native to the Middle East.

The new product is designed to cope with surface temperatures exceeding 80?C. In addition, the polymer?s binder offers long term dirt pick-up resistance, essential for maintaining the solar reflectivity for achieving energy savings. It also offers high ultraviolet (UV) resistance, critical for an application constantly exposed to harsh sunlight in the region.

Brown Joseph, business development manager for Dow Construction Chemicals in Middle East and Africa, said, ?Elastomeric roof coatings formulated with the new material from Dow can reduce the cost of cooling a building by as much as 20 per cent.

?When applied to exterior roof surfaces, the coatings help reduce the amount of air conditioning required in hot weather conditions by reflecting solar heat rather than absorbing.

Functional coatings such as CRRCs not only help developers increase the value of their properties in the Middle East, but also support refurbishment and improve energy efficiency of existing buildings. Durable cool reflective roof coatings can also protect the roof from environmental degradation, help reduce the effect of peak temperatures and mechanical stress, leading to an expanded life time for the roof, Joseph added.

According to Dow Construction Chemicals officials, CRRC formulations based on this new polymer have been ASTM-certified. As an added benefit, applying CRRCs can also help Middle East buildings achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation due to energy saving capabilities.