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Test & Measurement

Megger is one of the largest suppliers of test equipment for the power sector, including insulation resistance testers such as the MIT520 series. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Electrical test equipment company Megger has acquired Germany?s pipe leakage detection and cable testing specialist SebaKMT

Megger?s new relay test sets new standards

The high power Megger SMRT range of relay test sets enables the testing of modern digital self-powered relays as well as the popular new relays with redundant power supplies.

Fluke has introduced new power quality analysers to measure energy wasted.

Fluke Corporation has introduced new Fluke 430 Series II three-phase power quality analysers that are the first to use a patented algorithm to measure energy wasted in electrical systems and calculate the cost.

The Megger BVM is a battery voltage measurement device that is used for the capacity testing of large, industrial battery banks commonly found in electrical power sub-stations, telecom facilities and computer data center UPS systems.

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