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?Adoption of smart solutions to spur FM growth in UAE?

Jamal Abdulla Lootah is the group CEO of Imdaad. (Image source: Imdaad)

A recently conducted study by Imdaad has found that adoption of new technologies and smart building solutions and convergence of energy management services will mainly drive the growth of the facility management business over the next three years in the UAE

Even though the FM sector in the UAE is in the early stages of evolution, a number of factors including technological innovations, rising environmental awareness, increasing cost as well as various initiatives by local and federal governments have boosted the demand for integrated solutions and forced service providers in the country to diversify their offerings.

The study, titled ?High Level Overview of the UAE Facilities Management Market,? projects that advanced big data analytics will transform the FM business, as the analysis of data through remote monitoring of buildings is gaining popularity in the UAE. The insights from the analytics help facilities managers proactively manage and maintain various equipment and systems in a building, providing cost-effective and a more productive work environment for their customers.

The research also highlights that energy management has now evolved into a full-fledged service in the country to become a part of the integrated FM services. Customised energy contracting (EC) packages the FM firms and energy services companies (ESCOs) provide include energy consulting, energy savings services, energy procurement, and generation.

?The findings of our study suggest that the sector is headed for a quantum leap driven by the private sector. Service evolution, technology innovation, and new value propositions are expected to bring game-changing effects in the market. Big data is transforming all the industries and sectors and FM is no exception. The FM service providers in the UAE can build on their capabilities to capitalise on the huge potential in energy consulting and savings portfolios, which include auditing, energy strategy planning, data collection, analysis and monitoring, and upgrading of building controls and retrofits,? said Jamal Abdulla Lootah, Group CEO of Imdaad.

?The launch of the smart building index last year, which is in line with the UAE Energy Plan for 2050 that stipulates increasing the contribution of clean energy in its total energy mix to 50 per cent by 2050, and the push for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified green buildings are significantly contributing to the new trend. Hence, it is imperative for FM companies to build their capabilities in order to achieve more energy savings,? Lootah added.

In addition, the research notes that the Middle East and Asia Pacific will see the highest growth and the latter will become the largest overall FM market surpassing Europe by 2025.