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Tranzone acquires ISO 9001 certificate

Tranzone Logistics, a subsidiary of Banaja Holdings was recently awarded the ISO 9001 certification by International Organization for Standardization, an acknowledgement of the company?s success in terms of quality management.

Tranzone Logistics is one of the leading providers of specialized logistics services to third parties in health care industry and provides services such as shipment clearance, storage, distribution and freight. The company expects more quality certifications by the end of this year.


The company provides a follow up process through the entire supply chain based on its excellent internet portal and additionally provided reports. Clients can access the portal through a web browser and all activities are controlled by the security module to ensure that users only have access to the data they are authorized to view.


J?rgen Hirsch, General Manager of Tranzone, said: ?We are looking to reach 80 per cent of the warehouse's storage capacity by 2012 and after achieving full capacity in 2013 we will add more storage capacity and we will extend our capabilities in freight forwarding and transportation network. We will also consider the feasibility of investing in land transportation assets to offer benchmark services for cross-border deliveries as well as local distribution.?