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Ducab HV agrees technology deal

Ducab HV has signed a collaboration agreement with J-Power Systems Corporation (JPS) covering all areas of high voltage cable technology.

Ducab HV is a joint venture between Ducab, Dewa and Adwea.  JPS, a joint venture between Sumitomo Electric Industries and Hitachi Cable.

The deal is aimed at accelerating the introduction of world-class high voltage technology in the UAE.

?We are now furthering our commitment to the rapid delivery of excellent HV products by partnering with J-Power Systems, one of the world?s leading companies in HV technology,? Jon Vail, the chief executive officer of Ducab HV said in a company statement.

Ducab HV?s collaboration, which came after a detailed evaluation of all qualified global cable companies, extends up to the 400 kV range, which is the highest voltage in use in the UAE, said Vail.

?We are very happy to enter this agreement with Ducab HV, and look forward to working together to transfer expertise and knowledge to the UAE to ensure that Ducab-HV products meet highest international standards,? said Fukunaga, the president of JPS.

HV and EHV projects require the most advanced cable technology as well as proven joints and terminations to complete the system. The quality and reliability of each component in the entire system is critical to the success of projects, Vail noted.

?Due to the exacting nature of this business, our customers want to see a proven track record of success. For a new company, this creates barriers to entry that we will overcome through this collaboration,? Vail added.

'Technology transfer is a key part of the agreement and will take place through a combination of Ducab HV engineering teams visiting Japan, as well as experienced JPS engineers? stationed in the UAE to train Ducab HV staff,? Fukunaga added.